CFIC in Argentina

The CFIC in Argentina has been operating several schools, facilities for children in difficulty, and public canteens for more than eighty-five years, and is present in the cities of Buenos Aires and Cordoba, and the provinces of Santa Fe, Tucumán and Salta.

CFIC in Africa

CFIC has established a strong presence in various African countries, where it is involved in numerous ministries and charitable activities. The congregation’s members in Africa dedicate themselves to serving local communities through education, healthcare, pastoral work, and social development initiatives. They

CFIC in Italy

CFIC has a significant presence in Italy, particularly because it was founded in that country in 1857. The congregation’s headquarters or motherhouse, also known as “Casa Generalizia,” is likely situated in Italy. The Italian province of CFIC plays a vital role in overseeing the congregation’s activities in the country and beyond.